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Stupid animanga blog. Talk to me about Rose of Versailles, Utena, overly dramatic 70s shoujo about lesbians. Also genderfuck, Brett Holmes and Severus Snape. And robots. And random stuff I'm into. Whatever.

I have a hard time using the correct vocab (if there is such a thing) to express my gender. I prefer pop culture references. I’m not even kidding. 

Like I remember when 21st jump street first showed on tv and I realized the difference btw me and my friends was that they wanted to kiss Johnny Depp and I wanted to be him. 

God damn it, I could probably write a freaking essay about my gender and how it related to fictional characters played by Johnny Depp. :|

Unfortunate since the man himself is so insufferable…

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#tw: gender dysphoria  #not really but I don't know what else to warn for 
  1. tofslan said: Yeah I mean your gender is always like. Alain in fabulous heels, to me. Meanwhile mine is like. Ikeda Riyoko ambiguous hero/ine. Help.
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