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I just like dela more and more oh man

 If I had time I’d learn how and make gifs of her talking about the need for the drag community to stop using slurs and how drag is for everyone. And show off her turtles. Dela is so important.

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and dela is on top of her game again aaaaaaaaaah i love her she’s a class act and I really identify with her 

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tofslan has decided to watch rpdr properly instead of only catching bits over my shoulder but we both got so frustrated when she got to season 3. I’d forgotten how excruciatingly boring it was. that snatch game… 

so instead we have rewatched all available eps of season 6 and adore is really growing on me. I feel like she was drowned out by Laganja and Gia first time, but now that I know about more about her she shines through. 

drag based on trashy pop culture is always the best. 80s horror and anna nicole smith, indeed. <3


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No more offensive trans mentions on RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Well, call me shocked and pleasantly surprised.


And also call me shocked and annoyed at the reactions people are having.

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ ziad ghanem f/w 2011-12

living for the fat model

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No srsly, let’s make a skype date, I’ll figure out how to record podcasts. It’ll be amazing.

Yus. We need to check if we have enough decent headsets but I think recording should be straight forward. We can decide on something to talk about (cause I have no memory at all and need to go back and read/watch stuff to be able to talk about it at length) and set a date!!! 

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silkchemise and hauke can talk about Ikeda Riyoko with us and we’ll be the most uncool people in the conversation BUT IT’LL BE AMAZING

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I wanna listen to and/or be on your podcast. Let’s do it, let’s record us talking about obscure femslash fandoms and idk, shonen bullshit.


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